Emmett Properties Group Branding


Emmett Property Group has swiftly emerged as a dynamic and promising real estate company in recent years. With their innovative approach to housing, they have carved a niche for themselves in the competitive industry. I brought Emmett Property Group's branding to life, capturing their essence and setting them apart in the competitive real estate market.

a collage of many logos, all from either existing or fictional real estate companies

Before starting any designing, I took inspiration from existing real estate companies already operating in Canada.


The client, Emmett Properties Group, came to me looking for a distinct brand that set them apart from other real estate development companies. The client felt that a majority of smaller real estate development companies have simplistic logos as opposed to being anchored by a key icon. To stand out among their competitors, we decided to anchor their branding around a key icon as well. Above are some examples of both existing and fictional brands that my client and I wanted to inspire the design with.

an array of logo concepts I designed for the client

With some visual research, I took to designing some rough concepts to bring to the table.


After aligning the visual research with the clients needs, I set out to create a series of six concepts. These concepts were meant to be iterated upon and picked apart to be brought towards a finalized vision.

a screenshot of a map of emmet avenuea screenshot of a map of emmett avenue with an E shape highlighted

With a stroke of genius, we discovered that the complex where my client grew up is shaped similarly to an E.


The icons provided in the first drafts felt that they were missing a key element. With the name Emmett coming from where the client was raised, we looked back in their home area for inspiration and found that an E was naturally occurring with the building layouts. Using this as inspiration, we crafted the branding elements below.

the emmett properties group logo I designed on black and white

Logo on white and black.

property signs for the organization in both black and white

Property sign designs

a social media post template in whitea social media post template in black

Social media templates

a website mockup for the client

Website design