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Hello and welcome 👋!

My name is Ben and as a champion of accessibility I empower organizations to understand and realize their fullest potential through user experience design principles.

Formerly at KPMG Canada, Paystone, and York University.

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a transit wayfinding map

Improving Transit Wayfinding

Refreshed the wayfinding experience for buses on the local transit network for both new and experienced riders.

a transit wayfinding map

Usability and Accessiblity Audit🔒

As a part of a larger web refresh for the client, I assessed the the current state usability of their website and provided recommendations to avoid these mistakes in the future.

a laptop with a website on it

Educational Support Platform

Redeveloped the online experience for faculty and staff to inform and educate them on their classroom capabilities.

a childs playground with certain areas greyed out


My team and I won the Best Design award at Hack the 6ix 2020 for Worldclass, a remote learning platform for young students.

text that says pick up


The pickup basketball points counter app.